What Is Destiny 2 Boosting And How Does It Work?

The main gameplay of Destiny 2 is based on the mechanics of the first game, but it has been heavily modified and received many additions that a huge number of players have enjoyed so much. now the players are not limited, but they have many interesting activities in the game to choose from. Strengthening the character has undergone the greatest changes, now you have a choice of how to increase the Strength of your heroes: go through the story campaign; take part in mass events, adventures, raids or strikes. The game has a huge number of missions with different monsters and locations, which will not let you get bored while pumping. The storyline of Destiny 2 is based on the Red Legion’s assault on the last stronghold of humanity under the command of Dominus Ghaul. The Guardians were defeated and the city fell, after Ghaul captured the Traveler, all Guardians lost their abilities and important storage items. The Vanguard have fallen into exile, and the Guardians must rebuild their strength by reuniting with the Light and finding exotic new weapons to free the city from oppression.

Destiny 2 Boosting

Therefore, the service for pumping characters in Destiny 2 is very popular. Like the character level, the increase D2 power leveling is very important – this is an indicator of the quality and capabilities of your character, the average level of attack and defense characteristics of the selected equipment. Strength is the sum of your overall progress, it is a measure of how ready your character is for battle and which enemies he can defeat. Strength also calculates how much damage you can deal with special abilities. The whole game is about increasing your character’s Strength, your main goal will be to increase it. Destiny 2 has various multiplayer raids that will reward you with decent rewards, which is why the PvE boost in Destiny 2 is popular. The Nightfall raid requires 3 players, with Leviathan and Eater of Worlds 6 per team. Many players find it difficult to find the right team to play PvE events in Destiny 2 for many reasons, but everyone wants to be rewarded.

The character progression system in Destiny 2 is pretty straight forward, but if you’re a beginner, it’s still easy to make a mistake, as far from all the tricks are explained in detail in the game itself. This guide will help you figure out how character leveling works and how to get everything out of the role-playing system faster.

Levels and Experience (XP)

As you probably already know, in Destiny 2 the main occupation of every self-respecting guard is the extermination of hosts of alien creatures – aliens, robots and other enemies.

Leveling in Destiny 2: experience gain, character strength (we recommend you our guide about boosting character in Destiny 2) and endgame. Each “kill” adds a little bit of experience to the character’s overall treasury. When “experience” becomes enough, the level increases. In this case, the character gains access to new skills or even to one of the three subclasses.

In the release version of Destiny 2, the maximum level is capped at 20, however, with its receipt, the experience gain does not end. After level 20, experience goes towards unlocking abilities. In addition to this, killing opponents and completing quests continues to bring other benefits – valuable items, their blueprints.

Moreover, after reaching the maximum level, another scale appears, which fills up as the character is active. When typing it, the character receives a small gift – a chest with different “skins” for weapons and various other nice things.


This parameter is actually even more important than the level of the character, since it is he who primarily determines the ability of the character to quickly deal with enemies and defend themselves from their attacks. In the original Destiny, this indicator was called Light, now everything has become a little corny, but the essence has not changed.

Strength depends only on the items (weapons and armor) that the character is equipped with. Each item has its own level of power, but the final indicator is calculated as the arithmetic average between the powers of all items. Those who have played World of Warcraft must have immediately realized that the Force in Destiny 2 is the same as a character’s GearScore in an MMO from Blizzard.

Leveling in Destiny 2: experience gain, character power and endgame Strength increase is the main task of the player at all stages of the game. The higher the power, the more opportunities the hero has. And that’s why we have prepared an article for you about power boosting. Without the required level of Strength, it will not be possible to complete difficult tasks, and you can generally forget about passing raids (strike), and even more so raids.

In Destiny 2, there is no separation of global attack and defense parameters, Strength is a universal parameter. Therefore, when you receive a new item, you should immediately open the inventory window and compare it with an existing item of the same type. If the Strength of the new item is higher, you can immediately put it on.

Leveling in Destiny 2: experience gain, character power and endgame Of course, Strength is not the only indicator of the usefulness of an item. The weapon has different parameters of damage per second, magazine volume, stability when shooting and others, and armor affects three secondary parameters in different ways, which we will also discuss separately later in the text.

What is Destiny 2 Boosting

Mobility, Durability and Recovery

In addition to the Force, each character in Destiny 2 has other important characteristics: mobility, durability and recovery. They only increase with equipped clothing and armor, they are usually unaffected by weapons.

The following is a brief explanation of the meaning of each parameter:

  • Mobility determines the character’s movement speed and maximum jump height.
  • Fortitude helps to stay in the ranks when receiving damage from any sources.
  • Recovery affects how quickly a character’s health regenerates.
  • Ideally, a character should strive to maintain a high level of all three characteristics, but in reality this is almost impossible.

Leveling in Destiny 2: Experience Gain, Character Power, and Endgame Depending on what you’re doing in Destiny 2, you need to pick the right combination of items to have the right mix of mobility, durability, and recovery. One way or another, you will have to choose one thing.

During the “leveling” stage, when the character is still leveling up and cannot easily deal with most opponents, durability and recovery are of the greatest benefit. In PvP, it is very important to have great mobility, since not “bots” will shoot at you, but living people.


At the time of writing this article, there is no endgame as such in Destiny 2: the game has just launched, and so far everyone is busy leveling characters and passing the first strikes, as well as participating in PvP battles.

Everything will change with the opening of the first raid. This will happen on September 13th. Then players from all over the world will go to conquer a long and difficult dungeon with several bosses and a set of especially powerful equipment as the main treasure.

There are several ways to extend the enjoyment of the game. Firstly, you can start going through the so-called adventures – small side tasks, the completion of which increases the rank in one of the factions. The reward for reaching the rank is a new item, as well as a beautiful number in the profile.

Secondly, you can try to collect a collection of all available items. To do this, simply replay the already completed content.

Thirdly, you can try to play for other classes. There are 3 classes in Destiny 2, each with their own items, abilities, and unique exotic artifacts.

Of course, this is not all, because Bungie developers are going to release regular free updates, as well as large paid add-ons. Destiny 2 is not so much a video game as an MMO service in the manner of World of Warcraft, so there will be new content coming almost every week.


What kind of boost can I buy in Destiny 2 and what is its advantage?

It’s worth starting with pumping your character, at the moment there are 25 levels in the game. While leveling your Destiny 2 character, you will be given access to various activities (raids, pvp, pve, missions). If you've just started playing Destiny 2 and are in no hurry, then you might be interested in doing the mission yourself, but if you want to play all the available classes in the game, and three of them (Titan, Warlock, Hunter), then you will have to spend a lot of time on leveling up all the characters.

How to quickly upgrade weapons in Destiny 2?

Consider playing as or with a night hunter to advance weapons faster. If you're farming from a playlist, equip some sort of resonant weapon. Each completion of the action grants progress for each equipped resonance weapon.

How to perform a finishing blow in Destiny 2?

When the enemy has little HP left, a small circle appears above his head, signaling the possibility of finishing, the player just needs to press the button and get a little closer to the enemy (finishing works from a few meters).