A Pro Gamer’s Guide To Mountaintop Boosting In Destiny 2

The legendary Mountaintop Grenade Launcher is a weapon designed for PvP that allows you to quickly and effectively deal with the enemy. Mountaintop’s main skill is Micro-Missile. Thanks to this, the ammunition flies very quickly to the target in a straight trajectory, in addition, the grenade launcher is equipped with sticky grenades, they can be installed on any surface, creating traps in strategic parts. To make the quest available from Lord Shaxx, you must reach the second rank in the Crucible.

Mountaintop Boosting In Destiny 2

By purchasing weapons from us at the top of the mountain, you will receive:

  • You will receive – Mountaintop – Light Grenade Launcher.
  • Triumphs – Pursuit of Honor, Mountaintop Crucible of Glory, Estimated Trajectory, Mountain Weapons.
  • Lots of Destiny 2 Legendary crucible equipment and Weapons as drop after match.

Features when ordering Mountaintop Destiny 2 weapons:

  • Usually the upgrade takes about 3 days from the moment the order is processed.
  • All of our boosters are internally tested and have a trial period, which is why we select only the most reliable and proven boosters.
  • Our players do not use prohibited third party software, bots or cheats to speed up your order.
  • When doing leveling at the top of the mountain, we can stream or take screenshots of the different stages of the level up if you request it.
  • Boost Mountaintop is possible on: PC, Xbox, PlayStation.
  • All equipment, weapons, tokens and materials obtained during the leveling will be kept by your character or by mail.

Weapon Perks:

  • Micro Missile: This weapon fires in a straight line and has a greatly increased projectile speed.
  • Light frame: excellent handling. Move faster with this weapon.
  • Hard Launch: This weapon’s barrel is optimized for projectile speed. Significantly increases projectile speed. Reduces stability. Slightly reduces the explosion radius.
  • Intermittent Launch: This weapon is optimized for high explosive payloads. Significantly increases the explosion radius. Slightly reduces processing speed. Slightly reduces projectile speed.
  • Spike Grenades: Grenades fired from this weapon deal increased damage on direct hits. Increases stability.
  • Sticky Grenades: Grenades fired from this weapon attach on impact and explode when enemies are nearby.
  • Rangefinder: Aiming this weapon increases its effective range and magnification. Increased projectile speed when hovering from a grenade launcher and a grenade launcher.

Mountaintop Boosting

Mountaintop Boost Requirements:

  • Sharing an account.
  • The Forsaken Story campaign has ended.
  • Legendary grenade launcher.

How to Get the Top of the Mountain in Destiny 2 Step By Step

Step 1: Competitiveness Ranking

The first step in the Mountaintop quest is to reach the rank of Valor in competitive mode. This includes 200 Renown, which should be the start of the playlist. If you hit those 200 points quickly, you’re on the right foot.

Step 2: Kill people and get medals from the grenade launcher.

From this point on, the search phase is more complex and does not require filling in the competition playlist. Players should receive 750 points of grenade launchers, 200 points of doubles in value and 100 points of the medal for valor (three kills with rocket launchers in one life).

For each of these steps, if you do it in competitive mode, points are worth more. However, it may be easier to get into a game quickly with stronger competition and fewer players.

⊗ Throw death grenade (750 points)

1 kill [Competition] = 10 points

1 kill [out of competition] = 3 points.

⊗ Double play Granada Launcher (200 points)

Double Play [Competition] = 5 points, each kill after double play = 2 points.

Double Play [No-comp] = 2 points, each kill after double play = 1 point.

⊗ Medals of the measured trajectory

[Competitive] Medal = 4 points.

Medal [No-comp] = 1 point.

Step 3: Legendary Competition Ranking

The final step in the mountaintop quest is to reach the Fabled rank in the competition. Most Destiny 2 players should be familiar with this move, as it’s a real barrier to getting the Crucible Pinnacle weapon, you can also find out how to get Not Forgotten in Destiny 2. However, in order to earn 2100 Fame, players must reach the Fabled rank.

To complete, players must return to Lord Shaxx to obtain a grenade launcher on top of the mountain. The top of the mountain in action seems to be very powerful, but it can also be countered. Players can resist direct hits, and ammo being low and limited means enemies can run away or set up a settlement. We also recommend our guide about Trials of Osiris!


How many character levels are in Destiny 2?

Currently in Destiny 2, the maximum character level is 25, upon reaching which various actions will be unlocked. Opening some events also requires a certain level of Strength.

What is the power in Destiny 2?

Destiny 2 has a setting called Force (also known as power or light). Upon reaching level 25, this parameter will become the main one for accessing various events.

How to increase power in Destiny 2?

By default, your Strength in Destiny 2 isn't treated as a total of the gear you're wearing, but rather the sum total of everything you own. If you have an item in your inventory that grants Strength, but you don't equip it, it will still count towards your total Strength score.