Destiny 2 Glory Boosting: Tips To Help You Reach The Top

Multiplayer games are often characterized by increased complexity, which is why they cannot be mastered “on the fly”. The basic gameplay seems straightforward, but it’s very easy for a beginner to get lost in the variety of mechanics, game systems, and constant updates and stop understanding how to play it all and how to get to the most interesting part.

In this regard, Destiny 2 is not too different from other MMOs: it will also take a lot of time to get your bearings, and it will almost certainly require outside help. This article should provide it.

The text, not being a comprehensive guide to Destiny 2, will tell you where to start, how not to get confused in all the ups and downs of the MMO and gradually immerse yourself in this great game.

Destiny 2 Glory Boosting

Basic Tips

Try everything with your own hands

Better than any guide or text, at first it will help to try to get comfortable yourself. For now, put the article aside and just go to Destiny 2. The tutorial is silent on some details, does not save the beginner from confusion with a mountain of modes and mechanics, but he gets at least a basic idea of \u200b\u200bwhat he is dealing with. He will be shown the main activities, will be helped to understand all sorts of menus and will be given plenty of shooting at the crowds of aliens.

But even after the training phase, you can continue to try to learn everything on your own experience. Try different classes and weapons, look into the secluded corners of the world, complete starting tasks, read hints – just do what you want. And only when you get the feeling that you are lost and wasting time, it is worth looking for guides and people who are ready to lecture on each revolver.

Be on topic

Mastering any MMO is easier if you become part of its community. It is not necessary to comment on all posts on Reddit – it is enough to track the flow of information about the game not only in itself, but also on various sites and YouTube channels. Moreover, it is desirable that they plunge into the nuances that trailers and patch notes will not directly say.

Sometimes only in large communities or video guides it will be possible to find out what the reworking of individual perks and equipment characteristics has led to, what is now part of the meta, what to look for in the new season or event, how to find strong weapons or complete certain missions faster. In addition, this is almost the only way to find out about the “hidden layers” of mechanics, such as how individual modifiers work or the chance of dropping rewards. Developers are usually silent about such things or speak without diving into details.

Plus, Destiny 2 is constantly changing. It can partially or completely rework even the main gameplay systems – this has happened more than once during the life of the game. The principles of dropping perks on weapons and armor were changing, and this year the subclasses were almost completely changed, making changes both to the balance and to the approach to building builds.

Even a hardened Guardian will take time to adapt to this. Therefore, there is nothing shameful in trying to make life easier for yourself with advice from external sources. In addition, the sooner you understand the basics, the sooner you can start “flirting” with mechanics and consciously create your own combinations of skills, armor and weapons.

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Glory Boosting


What is Glory?

Glory is similar to Valor, but it is much more difficult to obtain, and defeats lower your level. Depending on the week, you can participate in either elimination or survival. To protect competitive mode newcomers, in pre-Fabled divisions, you can be relegated on a losing streak, but not relegated to another division. Insurance does not work at the highest rank. To increase activity at different ranks, the developers have created a special system that allows you to get additional points for 3 played matches. Bonuses for different divisions Watchman and Brave: 160. Heroic: 120. Legendary: 80. Epoch: 0. Legendary: -80. Note that you don't need to win to get extra points. It is enough to simply complete 3 matches in 7 calendar days. Pay attention to the Legendary rank. It differs from the others in that the guards, regardless of activity, lose 80 glory every week. You will have to win all the time, otherwise the Sentinel will be transferred to another division.

How to play Crucible?

Crucible is radically different from PVE, so you need to change your strategy and gear. Crucible tips: Don't use gear that requires charging or a condition to activate Enhanced Mode. These include the first exotic gun, the Risk Analyzer. Such a weapon is not suitable because you simply will not have time to benefit from the passive effect, because usually players kill each other within seconds. Choose a weapon depending on the location. Destiny 2 has maps with narrow passages (like Pacifica) and huge open spaces (Far Shores, Fortress). In the first case, you will need shotguns and submachine guns, and in the second case, you should take bows and sniper rifles. Look for the purple panels. They are scattered throughout the location, so it is not easy to find them. When it is charged to 100%, the panel starts to glow. Approach her to get power weapon ammo. Once you have the ammunition, you will be able to use the most powerful guns that kill with 1 shot. Note that death resets the ammo supply. Switch to close combat. Guardians have powerful melee attacks that deal over 80% health to Titans, and in the case of Warlocks and Hunters are instant kills. Use the branching corridors and attack from behind to cover the distance invisibly. Watch the rear. Most Crucible modes don't have hard-coded hero spawn zones, so the spawn point changes regularly. Be careful not to get hit from behind.